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Suggested celebratory reasons to host a tea party:

  • Bridal Showers
  • Bridesmaids' Appreciation Luncheon or Brunch
  • Sophisticated Bachelorette Party
  • Afternoon Wedding Receptions
  • Baby Showers
  • Adoption Celebrations
  • Life Celebration for a Memorial/Funeral Service
  • Birthday Parties for grown-up girls
  • Debutante/Cotillion Tea
  • Bat Mitzvah Tea Party
  • Spa Parties or Girl's Afternoon Out
  • Divorce Party
  • Traditional Tea Party
  • Hat Society Party
  • FUNdraisers
  • Mom & Me Teas
  • Brew-Ha-Ha-lloween Tea Party
  • Holiday or Christmas Party
  • Spring Fling Garden Party
  • Tea Tasting
  • MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) or Mom's Club Installation parties
  • Girl Scouts (we can give the troop a tea party or etiquette badge!)
  • Business & Networking Meetings

...or any other occasion that calls for a gathering of the girls (and guys!).

Tea parties and the decor are so versatile!  From Victorian, shabby chic, fashionably funky to the holidays, we can creatively match a theme for your special event.
Why have teatime or a tea party?
There are so many occasions and reasons to have a teatime. A delicious combination of elegance and sophistication - but not stuffiness - tea is back on the menu after many years in the wilderness. 

In our fast-paced and stressed lifestyle, tea parties have made a resurgence to force us to slow down and enjoy special time.  It is becoming a popular alternative for bringing your guests or friends together in a civil and genteel setting.
"suavity" (noun)
Synonyms:   amiability, attentiveness, ceremony, chivalry, civility, comity, complaisance, consideration, cordiality, courteousness, courtliness, cultivation, culture, deference, elegance, familiarity, favor, friendliness, gallantness, gallantry, generosity, geniality, gentleness, good behavior, good breeding, graciousness, indulgence, kindness, polish, politeness, refinement, respect, reverence, solicitude, suavity, sympathy, tact, thoughtfulness, urbanity